ALNOBAK A Story of Indigenous People in Androscoggin County

Item# ISBN 0-9746261-0-4

Alnobak in the Western Abenaki dialect means Indian People. Through the pages of this book, the Alnobak of Androscoggin County will take another step towards reclaiming their rightful place in history. For over 150 years we have been told that the Indian People have vanished from this land. However, the oral history of many local families and scattered news stories remind us this is not true. As a memorial to a lost heritage, this book documents a few of the Indian People who have actively participated in the last 200 years of Western Maine's history. Hardcover, 58 pages.

This is a companion book to "Androscoggin County, Maine," a sesquicentennial history of the county which is also available through the Maine Historical Society On-line Store, in the "Maine Town Histories" section.