OUTRE-MER, A Pilgrimage Beyond the Sea By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

OUTRE-MER,  A Pilgrimage Beyond the Sea
OUTRE-MER, A Pilgrimage Beyond the Sea
Item# 978-1-4344-7019-5

"Worthy and Gentle Reader! I dedicate this book to thee with many fears and misgivings of heart. Being a stranger to thee, and having never administered to thy wants nor to thy pleasures, I can ask nothing at thy hands, saving the common courtesies of life. Perchance, too, what I have written will be little to thy taste; for it is little in accordance with the stirring spirit of the present age. If so, I crave thy forbearance for having thought, that even the busiest mind might not be a stranger to those moments of repose, when the clock of time clicks drowsily behind the door, and trifles become the amusement of the wise and great." Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. 125 pgs. Paperback.