REMEMBER THE MAINE The Spanish American War Begins

Item# ISBN 1-883846-79-X

When the U.S.S. Maine sailed into Havana harbor on the morning of January 25, 1898, the crew and its captain knew that the Spanish who controlled the island did not welcome them. The Cubans had been in revolt against Spain for years, and the government of the United States supported the revolutionaries. There was so much tension in the city after the ship's arrival that the crew was confined to the ship. Then, on the night of February 15, the ship mysteriously exploded, killing 265 men. Within days the slogan "Remember the Maine!" became a rallying cry for Americans who believed the explosion was an act of war.

"Remember the Maine: The Spanish American War Begins" retells these exciting and tragic days around the explosion of the U.S.S. Maine in a lively style that will entice any young reader interested in American military or political history. Hardcover, 112 pages.