THE SNOW BABY The Arctic Childhood of Admiral Robert E. Peary's Daring Daughter

Item# ISBN 0-8234-1973-8

News of Marie Ahnighito Peary's birth on an icy bay in northern Greenland spread around the globe, shocking Victorian society. The daughter of prominent American parents had been born in a tarred lodge at the edge of the known world! Even the Inuit who visited the blonde, blue-eyed baby were amazed. They called her "Snow Baby." While most girls Marie's age were studying sewing and other "womanly arts," she was wearing caribou skin pants, sliding down glacial cliffs, and making friends with the Inuit children. Spending her childhood partly in the Arctic and partly with relatives on the East Coast of the United States, she grew up in two worlds.

Through vivid text and stunning historic photographs, "The Snow Baby" recalls the remarkable childhood of Admiral Robert E. Peary's spirited daughter.